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Founded in 2011, Lumo BodyTech uses smart sensors and software to help people improve their health. Lumo was founded by Stanford entrepreneurs Monisha Perkash, Dr. Charles Wang and Andrew Chang and is backed by Madrona Ventures, Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, and Jerry Yang’s AME.

Our story begins with one of our co-founders, Andrew, and his quest to find a solution for his bad back. He would often feel frustrated and less productive when his back was giving him trouble. Andrew tried many different solutions but nothing worked, until he took posture classes that taught him how to sit, stand, and sleep properly. Learning better posture has transformed his life. Not only does he feel better, he looks great too. This was the inspiration behind the company’s first product, Lumo Back, a wearable sensor and smartphone app for lower back posture and activity, which impacts back pain, fitness, confidence, and appearance.

Lumo Lift, the company’s second product, focuses on chest, shoulder, and upper back slouching, a big problem for many office workers who sit at desks all day long. Improving upper body posture also greatly improves appearance and confidence.

Andrew’s experience was the inspiration behind Lumo Back. We’re on a mission to give the body a voice, to amplify the body’s signals, using the latest sensor and mobile technologies. In doing so, we hope to positively transform the lives of millions of other people too.

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Features of LUMOback
LUMOback delivers real-time posture and body movement feedback, empowering you to make small, incremental changes that can have a significant impact on your health.

Complete Control of the Buzz
The LUMOback sensor gives an immediate, gentle buzz when you slouch, nudging you to sit up straight. Switch between two modes and make the buzz work for you.

Set the sensor to Pulse mode and the sensor buzzes gently until you move into good posture.

Buzz Once
Set the sensor to Buzz Once and the sensor vibrates once, each time you move into bad posture.
Track and compare your daily activities like steps taken, running, sitting, standing, and sleeping.
Doctor approved.
Slim, light sensor. No one knows you’re wearing it. Even you may forget!
Sensor lasts up to 6 days on a single charge.

iOS compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch (5th generation and up), iPad (3rd or 4th gen), iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina Display, and iPad Mini.
Insight Tiles
Slouch vs. Straight Tracking
See how much you slouch vs. sit straight. View your posture progress over time in an easy “posture score” format.

Sit Time vs Active Tracking
Understand how much time you spend sitting vs. being active each day; Set and achieve your goals to sit less.

Stand Up Tracking
See how many times per day you stand up; Get better at taking this small step toward being more active.

Step Tracking
Motivate and measure your daily walking and running; See how much distance you cover and the calories you burn each day; Set goals on number of steps and hit your daily targets.

Sleep Position Tracking
See how you slumber; Track back, front, left, and right each night and assess sleep quality.
Ready to Try?
Thin, Comfy Belt
Wear it over or under your clothes—be as discreet as you’d like.

Sensor Vibration
Get in-the-moment posture feedback when you slouch; Enable yourself to sit up straight or stand tall in the moment when it matters.

LUMO Avatar
See real-time corrections to perfect your posture.

User-Customizable Options
Personalize LUMOback for your lifestyle; Set the vibration frequency to your liking.

Car Mode
Track your time in the car and keep it separate from your posture score.

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